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I Grandi Archeologi di G. de Chirico

Originally the Foundation began its activities with archeological, historical and ethnical resources, first in Egypt and other African Countries, where the Foundation developed further its educational and cultural programs, starting a new branch to give medical assistance to African Countries through the use of mobile hospitals and agricultural projects.

With the assistance of the World well known and admired individuals, such as Alexandre Iolas and Master Giorgio de Chirico , the Foundation has also branched into more emphasis on Art and Culture, providing various awards to talented students in American Universities.

Today the Foundation's primary goals is to bring diverse people closer together, through educational and art programs for a better understanding and quality of life on our planet. It is the Foundation 's main effort to focus on Art and Education, Health and Human Resources with a special emphasis on the Environmental development of sustainable methods ,to insure a better future for all Populations.

As a result of the extremely difficult period we have recently experienced, and the current socio economic global changes, which have caused great suffering and tragic consequences throughout the entire World, especially for the Hellenic population, the Foundation developed for better cooperation and understanding, through collaboration with such well known institutions as the KAAMEA in Greek Macedonia, Salonico and Serres, to assist the people of that Country who gave so much to humanity, from its very beginning, totally freely giving Art, Culture, Philosophy, Literature ecc. to whole world ,while asking nothing in return. Now, however, this sector of the birthplace of Civilization is in great need of your help.

It is everyone's duty to provide medical assistance and help to the children of this region of such generous Country ,who are literally fainting in their schools for lack of food and warmth. They need your help, your love and your generous attention to warm up their lives and their hearts. Such suffering is not only Unfair but is Totally... Un-necessary ,as those of us who are more fortunately situation can help immediately to ameleoriate their so sad conditions of life ,and lessen their substantial burdens.

Our help is urgently needed for these children AND...- your help is a "MUST"

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