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Lisa Sotilis's Mesmerizing Sculptures

Pubblicato il 24 agosto 2014 alle 13.40

Lisa Sotilis's Mesmerizing Sculptures

Lisa Sotilis composes for us the images of prehistorical countries where we can find apirations, the memories of the happines in Milton's Paradise, the concrete data of the sensitive, where everything becomes simultaneous in the dial of time which cancels all mathematical division.

They are figures found as garlands, or corolla of flesh petals, on canvas and in metal, even in the refrection of precious stones that follow the indented myth of metamorphosis in the more minute form of jewels.

Sotilis spread the colored glaze on the bronze sculptures, according to a technique of her own invention, and in the same way creates her jewels, until the sculptures really become the body for the mythological characters, the figures of bark and olives of ancient Greece.

To the innocence of the classical authors Sotilis adds the complicated fantasy of the oriental peoples, determined by shores where the vegetation reunited in the crown of the Hellenic poets procreate and multiply giddily, it is the landing of Mekong, behind the imperceptible cards of oriental magic.

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